As I walked across the room on a cool spring night, I looked at the action in progress. Scores of teenagers flew by me, clad in oversized sparkly glasses, hats and colorful socks. They sprinted from photo booths to the kid’s lounge, depositing their goods procured from hyped up, jacked-up DJ dancers hired to tantalize …

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As we sat in a beautiful French restaurant enjoying a romantic lunch, my wife and I reflected on our lives. It was our 25th anniversary and though we had always planned for a two-week trip through Tuscany to mark this occasion, the restaurant would have to serve in its place. College, home repairs, mortgages… Tuscany, …

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As I waited for my daughter’s middle-school bell to ring, I sat listening somewhat attentively to my fifth conference call of the day. I suddenly realized I was on line, and on the line all at the same time. I chuckled to myself. Looking at the other suburban moms and dads in this daily processional, …

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There I stood in my best pressed pants, crisp dress shirt and color coordinated, clip-on tie. Waiting to pose for my 5th-grade picture. Standing with my classmates, we were all coiffed and coutured by our mothers for posterity. With the last picture taken, the photographer asked our teacher, Mrs. Goodstein to move forward for her …

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While conducting one of my random Google searches, I realized George Clooney, that paradigm of all things good and good looking, is one month older than I. Yet, his fiancé is 15 years younger than my wife. Is this the new math for men over 50? I mean, George and I were both born when …

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