Brian Rutter is a hard-working husband, dad and hypoallergenic dog owner who continues to make his way through the weeds and tweeds in suburban Connecticut.

A seasoned marketing professional, I have worked for decades helping international, national and local companies brand, promote and sell themselves to gain greater market share. I done it all – from strategic marketing to competitive analysis, market intelligence to copywriting, media buying to sales enablement. And that has afforded me a cozy home with a stainless steel range and the daily pursuits that result in monthly bills.

Since my high-school days, people have assumed I would write great novels. So did I. But life has a way of turning you around and around until the great American novel seems like a figment of one’s imagination. So with the salt-and-pepper hair that comes with hard work and a soft middle, I have decided it is time to do the right thing with my time and write.

No, I haven’t quit my day job (and sometimes night job in this 24/7 mobile world). Instead, I am taking some time out of days overfilled with last-minute dashing and dog walks, carpooling and cash machine runs to disseminate my middle-aged missives. I want to present a male’s perspective on what it’s like grinding it out and growing old in the suburban muck and mire I have come to admire and sometimes decry so much.

I hope what I write is both poignant and piquant – a bit of sugar and spice that helps you get through your day with a laugh or simple nod. Maybe it will make that commuting hour go by a bit faster; maybe it will complement that end-of-day glass of wine or frothy beer. However and whenever you get a chance to read or share it, I hope it gives you pause, and lets you take a pause in your hectic day. For me, it offers a much-needed opportunity to give voice to all those thoughts and ponderings in my head.

Here’s to enjoying all the suburbmantellsall has to say. And to get started on my journey with me, please read my first very blog. It offers insights into the sights and sounds from the stained, leaf-blown deck of my life!


4 thoughts on “More about Me

  1. Steve Saunders says:

    Lot’s of fun stuff Brian! Keep it coming.

  2. Hi! Author Dana Ellington Myles here to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Lovely Blog Award! To accept your award, just nominate five other bloggers, and post seven things about yourself you’d like to share here with your readers. :-).

    1. bprcomm0612 says:

      Thank you for nominating me. Not sure what to do so if you can let me know, that would be great. Thanks again.

      1. Instructions are pretty basic – do a quick post accepting the award, include the image (you can copy and paste from my post 🙂 ), nominate five other bloggers and then – here’s where it gets crazy, lol – list seven things about yourself you’d like to share with your readers. Pretty simple, and a nice way to share readers with blogs you enjoy.

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